Cambria Quartz – The seaming process

Cambria Quartz – The seaming process
One of the benefits of having a Cambria Quartz counter top is that the seam is nearly invisible. Watch as our installer puts together this butt seam on our store’s counter top. We invite you to come into the showroom and take a look. The color we used for our application is called Bellingham. We also have 4 of the different edge profiles on our tops for you to see and feel.

9 thoughts on “Cambria Quartz – The seaming process”

  1. Essa ferramenta seria muito bem vinda numa montagem em que haja a necessidade de uma união de peças no mesmo plano. Pena que não o encontre aqui no Brasil!! Bom trabalho, perfeito!!!

  2. Geeeez…how can you work with all that epoxy smeared all over everything? Might as well lather yourself up get on the counter and roll it on!

  3. why is their a 45deg cut at the seam edges. It is a straight edge and then a small 45deg edge. I have seen everyone do it this way but no one explains why?

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