Black Pearl Countertop

Black Pearl Countertop
Beautiful Epoxy countertop coating withstands up to 500 degrees and is UV resistant! Easy to work with, easy cleanup and zero-low VOC content. Best part is that its not as expensive as granite and is an amazing looking alternative to marble and granite.

Steps not shown in this video; blow-torching and pearl additive spray.

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11 thoughts on “Black Pearl Countertop”

  1. did you use blue paint or did the white turn blue? I like the effect, but pure black and white would be more my taste. Anyway, good job!

  2. what kind of black paint exactly did u use. could u please mention by order the steps, i would like to do it by my self. but just in black, thanks. nice job u did.

  3. Hi, Wonderful job. Do you know that you have the only Countertop Refinishing Video
    with a backsplash!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I searched for days here on Youtube hoping that someone
    would show me how to handle that part. Thank you so much!

  4. Jacqueline Kariuki

    Hi Eric
    I did both my bathroom and kitchen counters. The problem I had was the vertical boards look runny from the epoxy, any way to redo them? I did black as well but thought it was too dark, so I re did them in chocolate brown, with brown and metallic brown which looks Cooper. Love the colors, the bathroom I did black and different shades of Gray. You did a great job btw!

  5. Why did you choose to use green tape and foil to protect your walls.  When did you remove the green tape?  Did you have to do a few hours after the epoxy had set up?  Or did you wait until it was all done?

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